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Amazing nature with white sand beaches, beautiful islands and impressive economic developments characterize the dynamics of the region.

But still there is a soothing atmosphere for finest beach holidays in the relaxing south of Cambodia, where Sihanoukville prides a large variety of lovely accommodations.

Serendipity Occheuteal

See the Sihanoukville beaches
Especially the younger generations are feeling well entertained on Serendipity Occheuteal beach where many bars are playing music until the crack of dawn.

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Getting around

Sihanoukville does stretch out a bit from Victory Hill to the beautiful Otres II beach and certainly the best way to explore all of the nice beaches is renting a decent motorbike for around $5 per day.

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Get the best Hotel and Guest House rates in Sihanoukville

Windmill Hotel

Grand Seagull Hotel

Blue Sea Boutique Hotel

Samanala Garden Holiday Home

Boat Tour in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville Boat Tour

Enjoy scenes from a Sihanoukville Boat Tour with music from Ampofo Acquah and badmanX.

Bloco Malagasy

Bloco Malagasy live concert in Cambodia

Watch a superb concert by the incredible Bloco Malagasy drummer girls from Madagascar up on Victory Hill at the Tiki Bar.


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3 Islands Tour

See the Sihanoukville beaches
Sihanoukville prides many superb holiday options and a relaxing day out for fishing and snorkeling around three beautiful Islands is getting offered for $15 with lunch included.

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Otres Beaches

Sihanoukville Otres Beach
While Ochheutil has become the party and entertainment beach, Otres has remained much more relaxed.

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Morakot Island

Morakot Island photo
During 2015 the Russian owner of Morakot Island Sergei Polonsky has gotten deported to Russia and one may wonder, what will happen to him and his lovely private paradise.

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Sokha Beach Resort

Sokha Beach Resort
Hotels are good in Sihanoukville and very beautiful is the 4 star Sokha Beach Resort.

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